Members of the TCYHA receive

Free listings in the YellowheadIT Travel Guide which is distributed throughout Western Canada and directs travelers and industry to your community and businesses;
Free enhanced Website listing that gives your community's businesses the ability to put themselves on the Website for free, under your Municipality, making the TCYHA a vital resource for marketing and exposure;
Discounted advertising rates in the YellowheadIT Guide and Website;
Information focused on relevant transportation and economic development information and contacts
Unlimited supply of the YellowheadIT Guide for distribution at your visitor information centres and member locations;
YellowheadIT Maps;
Support for members and their infrastructure or economic development initiatives through provincial advocacy and collaboration;
You are directly supporting your community and business growth in promotion and provincial and federal representation.
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If you would like to become a member or require any further information please call 780-429-0444 or email for more info.

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